Commercial Lighting

Embrace Endless Energy without Effort

With its efficient energy storage capacity, EnStorage can store electricity when demand is low. When demand peaks, EnStorage can quickly release the stored electricity to achieve peak shaving and valley filling, promoting environmental sustainability.

EnFocus™ Controls

Learn more about our advanced EnFocus™ Controls designed to enhance your lighting systems.

EnFocus™ TLED

Discover the efficiency of our EnFocus™ TLED solutions, offering superior lighting performance.

T5 LED Tube

Explore our T5 LED Tubes, engineered for maximum brightness and energy savings.

RedCap® LED Emergency Battery Backup

RedCap® provides reliable emergency lighting with LED technology.

500D Series LED Tube

The 500D Series offers durable and efficient LED lighting for commercial applications.

300D Series LED Tube

Upgrade to our 300D Series for advanced LED technology and energy efficiency.

Commercial T5 High Output LED Tube

High output LED lighting solutions for commercial spaces.

Commercial Double-Ended Ballast Bypass LED Tube

Efficient and easy-to-install double-ended ballast bypass LED tubes.

LED Berth Light Fixture

Durable LED berth lights designed for maritime environments.