Commercial Lighting

Embrace Endless Energy without Effort

With its efficient energy storage capacity, EnStorage can store electricity when demand is low. When demand peaks, EnStorage can quickly release the stored electricity to achieve peak shaving and valley filling, promoting environmental sustainability.

Industrial Downlight

Retrofit fixture for replacing incandescent, fluorescent, and metal-halide downlights, available in multiple diameters and color options, offering flicker-free LED lighting, easy installation, and over 50% energy savings with a 5-year warranty.

Large LED Globe

MIL-16377/26 standard replacement, meets all MIL-DTL-16377 requirements, uses 80% less energy, flat/ceiling mounting, field repairable, watertight, and shockproof.

LED Docklight

Durable and impact-resistant, the Energy Focus LED Dock Light provides targeted lighting in tough environments, comes in safety yellow for visibility, and offers 12W sustainable lighting. It operates on 110-240, 277VAC and meets LM-79 standards.

Flood and Area Light

Energy-efficient LED lights with 11,000 lm (single) and 22,000 lm (double) output, 50,000-hour lifespan, and corrosion-resistant aluminum housing. Available in various beam angles and voltages, they feature a durable design, marine rating, and ABS Type Approval, suitable for demanding environments.

LED Linear Troffer Retrofit Kit

Magnetic retrofit kits for easy and fast conversion of fluorescent fixtures to LED. Available in 2ft or 4ft options, these kits offer over 140 lumens per watt, up to 40% energy savings, 0-10V dimming, and a 50,000-hour lifespan.


Replaces T8 fluorescent lamps, available in 2', 3', and 4' lengths with 5 switchable color temperatures. Features a 200° beam angle, ≥50,000-hour lifespan, dimmable, DLC 5.1 and NSF rated, shatterproof design, and provides up to 60% energy savings with easy installation.