Industrial / Commercial ESS


‧ Can be connected and disconnected, supporting planned and unplanned off-grid.
‧ Distributed cooling architecture ensures high availability for 15 years.
‧ Energy storage battery output is turned off by default, and the port voltage is set to 0V.
‧ Automatic SOC positioning eliminates the need for manual inspection.
‧ Battery cell-level monitoring allows for remote fault location.
‧ Intelligent internal short circuit warning reduces fire risk by more than 90%.
‧ String architecture design, along with optimizer and cluster controller, enables individual replacement of battery packs.
‧ AI intelligent arc protection automatically cuts off within 0.5 seconds.
‧ Integrated solar energy storage solution with intelligent dispatching supports multi-mode superposition and better coordination.
‧ Four levels of active shutdown: cell level, battery pack level, battery cluster level, and system level.
‧ Level 2 physical isolation: Battery Pack Optimizer Cluster Controller Active Isolation.
‧ Multiple sensors, including smoke, temperature, water immersion, insulation, exhaust, and fire suppression, to sense environmental status.
‧ Active fire extinguishing device for rapid fire suppression.


  • Through advanced energy storage technology and intelligent control, the EFOI-SES5/10/15-S series has the promise of "always full of energy, easy life". Experience continuous power supply, enjoy the convenience and energy-saving benefits brought by green energy, and make your home full of more independent and sustainable vitality.
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexible Investment
  • Safe And Reliable
  • Perfectly Compatible


DC Side Rated Voltage1,250V1,250V
DC Side Maximum Voltage1,500V1,500V
Energy Storage System Battery Nominal Energy2,032kWh2,032kWh
Energy Storage System Supports Charge And Discharge Rate≤ 1 C≤ 0.5C
Energy Storage System Rated Power338.7kW* 6338.7kW* 3
Input Energy Storage System Dimensions
( WidthXHighXDeep )
Energy Storage System Weight≤ 30t≤ 30t
Operating Temperature Range-30 °C~55 °C-30 °C~55 °C
Storage Temperature Range-40 °C~60 °C-40 °C~60 °C
Operating Humidity Range0~100%( no condensation )0~100%( no condensation )
Maximum Working Altitude4,000m4,000m
Battery Temperature Control MethodIndustrial grade air conditionerIndustrial grade air conditioner