nUVo™ Traveler
Virus-Targeted Personal UVC Air Disinfector

The nUVo™ Traveler is the ultimate, personal space disinfection device for cars, homes, and offices. Completely portable, it fits in your backpack and runs on up to 4-hour rechargeable batteries or a USB power source. Designed for 99.9%+ disinfection of airborne pathogens, Traveler promotes personal health, safety, comfort, and productivity as we re-open our doors to the new normal.

IMPORTANT: This nUVo™ Traveler is not intended to be used as a medical device and is not registered as a medical device under any applicable laws. Ultraviolet radiation is emitted from this lamp. Avoid exposure of the eyes and skin to any unshielded source of light. Before using nUVo™ products, read all the instructions and caution in the user manual.

  • Delivers 99.9%+, 24 hour airborne pathogen disinfection including influenza and coronavirus
  • Up to 4 air changes per hour (4 ACH) in a 100 square-foot space (approximately 8 ACH in a compact car)
  • Safe and filter free with easily replaceable UVC lighting module that lasts 8,000 hours
  • Affordable and effective performance in an aesthetically pleasing traveler design


  • wattage N/A
  • lens N/A
  • connection N/A
  • Input Voltage N/A
  • housing N/A
  • driver N/A
  • efficacy N/A
  • Environmental Requirements N/A
  • Color Temperature N/A
  • Lumen Output N/A
  • CRI N/A
  • warranty 1-year warranty


  • nUVo™ Traveler Spec Sheet

  • nUVo™ Traveler Manual

  • intertek nUVo Efficacy Report



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