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Attention well-heeled germaphobes: Solon company creates $45,000 robot to disinfect for COVID-19

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A Solon company has created a kind of cousin to the robotic vacuums now on the market, only this self-directed device is billed as being able to kill the deadly coronavirus on surfaces in your office or business using ultraviolet light.

For now, however, hold off adding a mUVe to your Christmas list. For starters, first deliveries of the device are not expected until February.  And when it becomes available, the likely price will be $45,000. Then, there is the question of how effective UV light is at dealing with COVID-19.

That said, James Tu, chairman and chief executive officer of the maker, Energy Focus, is confident that exposure to the mUVe’s roaming beam will kill 99.9% of surface pathogens, including coronaviruses.

“Based on our design, that’s what we intend to achieve,” Tu told and The Plain Dealer.

The 99.9% effectiveness claim has yet to be verified by a third-party lab, Tu said, but is based on proven technology that takes into account the power of the mUVe’s UVC lamp, the distance the beam travels and the duration of exposure.

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