LEDs Magazine Features UV-C Disinfection Solution Press Release

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Energy Focus Launches Advanced UV-C Disinfection Product Portfolio Offering Airborne and Surface Disinfection Solutions for Commercial and Residential Indoor Environments

LEDs Magazine has featured our press release on the announcement of our new UV-C Disinfection Solutions line of products.

Leveraging and integrating a broad range of rapidly advancing technologies — including LED lighting, UV lighting, electronics, software, sensors, cloud and AI — the Energy Focus UVCD solutions aim to provide impactful and affordable disinfection products for businesses and homes to effectively reduce infection risks. In addition to being ozone-free, the products are designed to guard against the risks of direct human exposure to UV-C rays. abUV and nUVo include enclosed, self-contained UV-C disinfection units that continuously inactivate viruses while reducing overall pathogen levels in the air. mUVe incorporates advanced sensor, machine vision and autonomous technologies to avoid human exposure during disinfection operations.

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LEDs Magazine Features UV-C Disinfection Solution Press Release