Energy Focus Recognized in 2017 IES Progress Report

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Energy Focus Recognized in 2017 IES Progress Report

Energy Focus Energy Focus, Inc., a leader in LED lighting technologies, is pleased to announce it has been included in the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society’s Progress Report (IES) for its RedCap™ Emergency Battery Backup TLED.

The IES Progress Report recognizes members and organizations for innovation and “unique and significant advancements to the art and science of lighting.”

The beauty of the Energy Focus RedCap is that it is a high-performance self-ballasted TLED, providing 150lm/W efficacy also integrates rechargeable, high-temperature NiMH batteries, along with charger, discharger, an indicator light, enabling the tube to provide electrical code-required 90 minutes emergency egress equivalent to the legacy fluorescent. The RedCap can truly be utilized in any fixture for normal operation and emergency backup, without the need for an external battery or emergency ballast.

The wiring is straightforward because everything is integrated: one end – the INPUT end – of the tube is wired for normal, switched operation. The other end – the end with the red endcap – is wired to always-on AC power (“emergency mains,”) which charges the battery even when the lights are off, and enters a low power mode when the batteries are fully charged. Power loss is fail-safe sensed from the red end and will put the tube into emergency mode regardless of the position of the Input end.

If you are interested in installing the RedCap™ retrofit in your facility, please contact us.