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Energy Focus Launches the RedCap™: The First UL-Approved Integrated Emergency Lighting System

Energy Focus, Inc., a leader in energy-efficient LED lighting technologies, introduces RedCap a fully-integrated TLED emergency lighting system. The RedCap™ designed to simplify emergency lighting. RedCapTM is the latest in Energy Focus’ line of innovative LED lighting solutions.

The RedCap™ offers a first-class solution for simplifying emergency lighting installations. Eliminating the need for bulky, external emergency back-up ballasts, this product combines standard and emergency egress lighting in one tubular LED lamp. As the first UL-Approved, direct-wire (Type B) TLED lamp, RedCap operates at 150LPW under normal lighting conditions, and in the event of a loss of power, the tube remains illuminated for the code-required 90 minutes.

This product fills an unmet need in the industry today. Not only does RedCap™ ensure your facility’s safety in the event of an emergency, it also offers simplified installation and improved aesthetics over conventional emergency lighting products available on the market today

Energy Focus President and CEO Ted Tewksbury

The RedCap™ standard input end powers the lamp normally, and the emergency input end senses the presence of constant AC power, and charges the batteries. The batteries remain charged even when the lights are turned off.

“Energy Focus continues to produce products that have a positive impact on our customer’s standard of living. RedCap™ provides an affordable solution that eliminates the need for cumbersome emergency ballasts. We designed this product with our customer’s safety and security in mind,” said Tewksbury.

To learn more about the RedCap™ Emergency Lighting System and Energy Focus smart LED retrofit technologies and lighting innovations, please contact us.

RedCap™ Emergency Battery Backup