NEWS FLASH: Energy Focus, Inc. Enters Marketing Partnership with FirstEnergy Home and FirstEnergy Advisors

Advanced Human-Centric Lighting Retrofit Solutions and UV-C Disinfection Products Offered to FirstEnergy Home and FirstEnergy Advisor Customers

Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ: EFOI), a leader in sustainable LED lighting technologies, has entered into a marketing partnership with FirstEnergy Home and FirstEnergy Advisors to offer advanced LED lighting and controls retrofit solutions and ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection products and solutions.

A key feature of the partnership includes Energy Focus’ Total Solutions, a new, turnkey retrofit service offering featuring the EnFocus™ human-centric lighting (HCL) system that can dim and color-tune LED lighting to align with the human body’s natural 24-hour lighting cycle, or circadian rhythm, to enhance the quality of life for users. By partnering with a network of certified Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and lighting retrofit contractors (LRCs), Energy Focus’ Total Solutions will provide the full gamut of lighting retrofit services, including lighting audits, proposal generation, financing, as well as managing the installation and ongoing maintenance of the installations.

Other offerings include Energy Focus’ nUVo™ chemical-free UV-C air disinfection electronic products, including nUVo™ Tower, a portable room-based device, and nUVo™ Traveler, an in-car device with rechargeable batteries. The nUVo™ UV-C air disinfection products, which are specifically designed and developed to intercept live viruses in real-time, are powerful and portable solutions to inactivate and destroy infectious pathogens such as coronavirus and influenza for homes and businesses with 99.9%+ effectiveness.

The Energy Focus products will be available through the FirstEnergy Home website – FirstEnergy Home is an eCommerce marketplace that allows consumers to shop for best-in-class smart home products and services. Total Solutions will be offered through FirstEnergy Advisors, providing energy broker services, and also has partnered with Energy Focus to provide referrals for customers interested in Total Solutions LED retrofit services and UV-C disinfection products.

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