ENERGY FOCUS Announces Marketing Partnership with GRIDWISE™

Promoting the nUVo™ TRAVELER UVC Air Disinfector to its 300,000 Strong Rideshare and Delivery Driver Members Nationwide.

nUVo™ Patent-Pending nUVoShield™ Technologies are Designed to Actively Intercept and Destroy 99.9%+ of Airborne Pathogens Including SARS-CoV-2 and its Variants in Less than 1 Second, Protecting Drivers and Passengers.

The partnership involves a dynamic digital marketing campaign within and outside of the GRIDWISE app to effectively reach its 180,000+ active gig-driver members across the country, offering special discounts and other opportunities to its member drivers and their passengers while facilitating a higher level of in-car driver and passenger air safety. Gridwise driver-members purchasing nUVo™ TRAVELER will receive specially designed car window decals to let their customers know they’ve taken extra steps to protect them with nUVo™ constant air disinfection.

nUVo™ by Energy Focus portable UVC air disinfectors include nUVo™ TRAVELER for cars and personal spaces and nUVo™ TOWER for larger rooms in homes and offices. Both nUVo™ Virus-Targeted Air Disinfectors apply the proven disinfecting power of UVC-254nm light to break the DNA and RNA strands of airborne pathogens and are designed to destroy 99.9%+ of these airborne pathogens such as molds, bacteria, and viruses, including influenza, coronavirus, and its variants, with one pass—or less than one second—through the devices. nUVo™ air disinfectors incorporate nUVoShield™ patent pending UVC blocker technology to safely enclose their powerful UVC lamps while maximizing airflow.


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