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5 of the Latest Sustainable Initiatives in the Military

ADS has featured Energy Focus in their article “5 of the Latest Sustainable Initiatives in the Military.”

Energy Focus provides high-quality LED lights specifically for use on Navy fleets.

By replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs, a navy ship’s energy consumption is reduced when underway and while docked. This is because Navy ships will use local power sources while in port to maintain systems, including all of a ship’s lights. This puts a strain on local power infrastructure impacts other valuable resources.

Through the use of LEDs, Energy Focus cuts a ship’s shoreside power consumption by as much as 50%. In addition to being more sustainable, the LED lights are brighter, and use colors that are similar to natural light. This improves Sailor safety and reduces workday fatigue.

Energy Focus LED lights also operate for two to three times longer than fluorescents. A longer product life leads to fewer lights in the landfill.

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