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We believe our clients can affordably increase energy efficiency—saving more energy and reducing carbon footprint—and enhance employee well-being through an utterly simple and powerful control lighting platform such as EnFocus™. People spend almost 90% of their time indoors and lighting touches us all every day: influencing our mood, alertness, and productivity during the day and quality of sleep at night. Controlling artificial light relieves stress levels and increases the capacity for effective work and learning.

EnFocus™ DM and EnFocus™ DCT lighting systems provide low-flicker dimming and color tuning controls that are easy to install at unprecedented affordability. We’ve focused on creating such an engineering marvel to help you make your facility more sustainable and your occupants healthier and happier, so both you and your occupants can focus on the projects that matter.

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EnFocus™ LED Control Platform Retrofit Installation
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EnFocus™ Lighting Control Platform

Retrofittable and affordable human-centric lighting

EnFocus™ gives you the control of human-centric lighting with unique advantages including:

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