Energy Focus’ Greg Galluccio Featured on Get A Grip On Lighting Podcast

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Episode 272 - At The Edge with Greg Galluccio

Michael and Greg, from the podcast Get A Grip on Lighting, discuss wireless and wired lighting controls with Greg Galluccio from Energy Focus. Wireless is hackable which is a problem in critical infrastructure. Wired controls require pulling wire through a building. The solution? Powerline controls. No Cloud. No hub. As Michael says, it’s a bit like edge computing where the technology and the smarts are at the point of use. It’s not simple stuff, but Greg and Energy Focus are figuring it out. You can speak to him about it at the Energy Focus booth at the Archlight Summit. Greg joined Energy Focus in 2021 and serves as Senior Vice President of Product Management and Engineering, responsible for developing, directing, and implementing Energy Focus’ product strategy, engineering development, and portfolio offering.

Get a Grip on Lighting - Episode 272 - At The Edge with Greg Galluccio